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The website of Anja Wiroth Representation & Management is finished and can now be seen live and in full effect here.
Published in a record breaking timespan of only one week from the beginning of the first drafts to the published online version which you can enjoy now.

I developed the complete Corporate Identity for Anja Wiroth and I am now waiting for the printed portfolios, setcards, stationary and business cards.

The site has been realised with the help of Torsten Bergler and Thomas Michelbach.
Torsten managed the online project and coded all templates in html and set up the whole site. Thomas Michelbach handcoded an unbelievable CMS which makes it very easy for Mrs. Wiroth to organize every little picture and all her artists on her own. This also means way less work for us, because we don’t have to deal with all the subtitles of every picture and Anja can update everyhting by herself.

Congrats on your new business and good luck in your new office.


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