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Big thanks are going out to my fellow friends and programmers Clemens Brandt and Torsten Bergler.

Without their help and vast coding knowledge you wouldn’t see this website now. It is one thing to draw some vectors and move pixels around but it is something completely different to perfectly transfer a design into ones and zeros with html, java (in nowa-web2.0-days called ajax), php and a cms (in this case Wordpress).

I am very glad that Clemens found some time to set up the website while he was finishing his diploma. And thanks to Torsten I am now able to easily post news and graphics on this shiny new blog.
The whole site is based on a simple CSS file which makes it very convenient for me to change all colours, fonts and sizes within seconds.

Torsten must also be specially thanked for his enormous patience because he always helped me out when me stupid had some silly html questions.

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