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Currently working for Bread and Butter Berlin (special inhouse print project), Law&Order PR and shop (Creative Direction), Ingo Robin - Photography (art direction for new website), Moritz Scheible Architecture (website art direction), republish relaunch (watch out for version 3.0 and lots of user generated content), Johannes Boehncke Jewellery (print) and Anja Wiroth Management (art direction and artist representation).

In the near future you will also see a brand new collection of clothes designed all by myself. Should be finished beginning of 2007. And we are talking about serious clothes not just printed shirts.

And we just established our own server last week, which is running save and smooth. Thank you very much Torsten and Dirk.

There is more interesting projects to come which i can’t talk about yet but i will keep you updated here. Update of my works section will follow soon as well.

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