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Just finished the website for Moritz Scheible Architect. Another happy client based on a project fulfilled with german accuracy. Watch out for Moritz in the future because his work will be seen everywhere soon.

We just set the whole thing up in a record time of two days. I provided the concept, navigation, design and graphics. It is all based on an uplifting Wordpress system customised by Torsten. The best free Content Management System around right now. So Moritz can update everything by himself everyday.
And google references his stuff like mad as well because Torsten has the best pagerank you can probably imagine.

And if you’re are wondering about the funky slide effects which look like flash. They are not. It is all based on Javascript, which some call Ajax since web 2.0. Torsten applied one of the very nice Moo Fx tools.

So got check the latest black/yello/pattern production by Frede and Torsten.

Moritz Scheible Architect website

Moritz Scheible Architekt auf Linie (online) seit Neustem. Unbedingt anschauen diese neuste Kreation aus dem Hause Frederik Frede und Torsten Bergler.

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